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The mission of STM Multimedia Company is to provide a source of information, music, and entertainment while celebrating culture, community, and creativity by amplifying  and empowering voices through our creative content studio, edutainment programs, and digital and on-air platforms.

Why Multimedia?

The influence of multimedia can be found in every aspect of human life. Multimedia grants us an endless opportunity to connect, grow, develop, and learn. STM Multimedia fosters authentic connections, helping others utilize multimedia for education, entertainment, news, networking, and advertising.

Slay the Mic

Slay the Mic has been on air for 9 years and is the only Hip-Hop & RnB radio show in WNC! Slay the Mic's mission is to celebrate culture, community, and creativity by amplifying voices from local artists, activists, and by providing new, old, underground, and mainstream Hip-Hop and RnB music in the Asheville community.

Slay the Mic University (STM -U)

Slay the Mic University (STM -U) is an edutainment enrichment program that redefines communication and intertwines the power of entertainment with the importance of education.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union explores personal identity while restoring and uplifting other students. Our aim is to advocate the needs of high school black students while empowering, teaching, discussing and exploring the Black experience.

Professional Directors

Elizabeth Lashay Garland

Founder, CEO 


STM Exectutive Assistant


STM-U Youth Engagement Coordinator


AVL Black Student Union Coordinator


Photographer & Real Model Member


Photographer & Real Model Member


Project Manager

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