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STM Multimedia is the bridge that connects our audience to your business! WBMU Jamz and Slay the Mic are two of our grassroots stations with a local, regional, nation, and international audience.

Widen your audience and increase awareness of your brand, business, product, or service. Non-profit businesses have the opportunity to do a “Call to Action” advertisement for events, causes, fundraising, and more at an affordable rate. Radio and Media are still providing the most tried and tested medium(s) that still produce one of the highest ROI!

On-Site Sponsorship Opportunities:
Above and Beyond The Air!

STM Multimedia has many impactful events and community engagement activities throughout the year under our radio platforms of Slay the Mic and WBMU Jamz. Learn more about these events and how to become a sponsor today and engage with our audience on-site!

Be a part of the new movement with the Asheville Aux Cord series. This series showcases local artists and their music. Check out our latest Asheville Aux Cord Series at

To find out more information regarding sponsoring STM event(s) or the Asheville Aux Cord, email Nina Ireland at

Why Choose Us

Need internal work?

At STM Multimedia we can provide high-quality video and audio production! For many clients, we have done internal productions, including the filming/editing of podcasts, creation of webinar videos from Zoom conversations, storytelling projects, music video production, live events, and more!