STM Multimedia’s Tha Creative Playground was recently featured on ArtsAVL!

STM Multimedia’s new content studio, “Tha Creative Playground,” is a vibrant hub for edutainment, youth programming, and Black creativity in Buncombe County. Featured on ArtsAVL, this 1200-square-foot space, founded by Elizabeth Lashay Garland, aims to empower, amplify, collaborate, and impact through its innovative design and programming. The studio includes eight distinct Sets for podcasting, audio production, vocal recording, and video production, complemented by areas for rest and collaboration. Notable Sets include the Cousin TL Radio/Podcast Room and the DJ Suite Set, integrating multiple media streams for comprehensive creative experiences.

Garland, the dynamic force behind Asheville FM’s “Slay tha Mic,” has been instrumental in fostering a space where youth can explore and grow in media-related fields. The Hangout Youth Media Lab, a testament to the interns’ vision, exemplifies this commitment. Garland emphasizes the importance of connecting with the local Black community, providing a space where voices are empowered and amplified. Executive assistant Imani Bellami highlights the playful and imaginative nature of the space, catering to both teens and adults.

Tha Creative Playground also collaborates with local organizations like Hood Huggers and Open Doors Asheville, offering special programming and workshops. Despite challenges such as location accessibility, Garland remains optimistic about the studio’s potential for revenue generation and sustainability.

For a deeper dive into the inspiring journey of STM Multimedia’s Tha Creative Playground, read the complete ArtsAVL article here .

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