Internships, Community Events, Community Outreach
Internships, Community Events, Community Outreach
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Slay the Mic University (STM-U) is designed to engage, educate, and entertain through multimedia content. We know when people are fully immersed and have hands-on experience, active-participation,  it creates interactive edutainment opportunities.  

STM-U is an edutainment enrichment program that redefines communication and intertwines the power of entertainment with the importance of education.

We love nurturing and inspiring the next generation of leaders,  thinkers, innovators, and creators

ON AIR Radio & Podcast Classes

We help others win
We have taught radio & podcasting classes as enrichment electives, school programs, and as summer workshops. Click below to see upcoming workshops

Education + Entertainment = "Edutainment"

Empowering Youth

We use media to empower youth. Through our workshops and programs, we teach uplifting lessons that encourage and educate the people within our communities.

Outreach & Youth Events

Uplifting Future Generations

Start Your Journey

learn your craft, express your passion

— Utilize your inner creativity —


Mission to Create a Global Impact

We empower the next generation of successful men and women, and create a positive atmosphere for growth.

We Mentor Young People

STMU connects young people with specialists in their fields of endeavor. We have panels, community workshops, and more.

We Steward Our Communities

We partner with schools, nonprofits, and other businesses to amplify positive efforts.

We Help Others Succeed

We strive to provide the tools and training necessary to equip young people for future opportunities.

Photo, On-Air Radio & Podcast Classes

STMU Curriculum

We have taught radio/podcasting classes at after school programs, in-school enrichment electives, and as summer workshops.

  • Develop speech & interview skills
  • Collaborate with a group
  • Create innovative content
  • Connect through storytelling
  • Practice active listening
  • Research current events

Our media program empowers youth to capture the raw and unfiltered perspectives. Through our workshops and programs we nurture the intersections of humanity through storytelling, empower youth to be producers, directors, and content creators. We intertwine curiosity with creativity and build possibilities with the range of “real-model” mentors and the opportunities to build a professional portfolio.

A Place to Grow





Light Design

Sound & Video Editing

Graphic Design

Podcast Production

My time at STM Multimedia over the past year has truly been transformative. From the incredible individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting to the countless opportunities that have enriched my journey, every moment has been nothing short of phenomenal. STM Multimedia has become more than just a workplace; it's a welcoming home where I've found belonging and endless possibilities. I eagerly anticipate the exciting ventures that lie ahead in this inspiring environment.


Since 2017, We have built relationships with highschools, colleges, and universities across the WNC region. Each year we pick two schools and create unforgettable immersive homecoming experiences. Slay the Mic provides the DJ, photo booth, and generates student engagement through giveaways and a HBCU tailgate-like atmosphere.


Projects with

What is BSU?

STM (Slay the Mic) University has created a citywide Black Affinity space. The Black Student Union explores personal identity while restoring and uplifting other students. Our aim is to advocate the needs of high school black students while empowering, teaching, discussing and exploring the Black experience.


Black Student Union is a city wide organization, spanning schools and inspiring the next generation of Black leaders, creators, thinkers, and innovators.

We provide educational programs, and a platform for students to be heard. We empower and reaffirm youth of their greatness. We host monthly activities and outreach initiatives within our communities.

  • BSU provides educational programs that allow students to critically examine the community and world they live in 

  • BSU provides a space and a platform for students to be heard 

  • BSU supports students reach academic excellence by empowering and affirming their existence 

  • BSU provides youth engagement through monthly activities that build community and support  

“I want others to know that BSU is a space for  students to come together and compare their experiences as black people in predominantly white spaces. I want people to know these safe spaces for black kids creates an incredible change in our lives. Its a support system we wouldn’t have had before. It creates encouragement for us to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.” – Tia Irby

Asheville, North Carolina

Cultivating community through outreach and authentic relationships. Supporting freedom of thought, amplifying voices and experiences.

have a Black Student Union Chapter at Your School

encouraging exploration of ethnic background and personal identity

Let's build something amazing together.

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+(1) 828- 774- 9192